Waste not! Mushroom Soup with Chicken Mousseline


(recipe follows) When you have trimmings of raw meat, or a lone chicken breast or thigh, or fish that has to be cooked or thrown out, use them: Puree them with cream and seasonings — add a reserved egg white or yolk when you have one on hand — and poach this new mixture called mousseline, forcemeat, quenelle. You can serve them in soup as I did here, or as a main dish with a sauce. The ratio is 2:1 meat:cream. The more cream, the lighter the product. I have stock I… Read More

How to make banana juice

how to make banana juice

Use banana juice to flavour desserts or add where you want banana flavour, but not banana texture.

Waste not! Croquette.

Croquette served with breaded fish, two kinds of kim chi, and daikon salad.

(recipe follows) I don’t waste food. I keep the scraps and cuttings — those little bit of trim you might easily discard — and find a way to use them. Yesterday I made a lentil soup using pork bones to flavour the stock. After I strained the bones out from the soup, I pulled off the little meat that was left and along with the tips —  not tops — of the carrot and celery, minced the whole fine and added a ladle of very thick béchamel and folded in a bit… Read More

stuffed portobello mushrooms with Bolognese sauce

Portobello mushrooms stuffed with cheese and spinach topped with (vegetarian-ized) bolongaise sauce, na no hana (I have no idea what its called in English, if you do, let me know) as a side dish. — This dish took only ten minutes to put together. By preparing the sauce the day before, I can have a healthy, light meal in the time it takes to steam the vegetables and cook the mushrooms.

portobello mushrooms

Portobello mushrooms stuffed with cheese and spinach topped with (vegetarian-ized) bolongaise sauce, na no hana as a side dish. It’s surprising how much like meat the mushroom smells, tastes, feels. — Everything is homemade and this dish took only ten minutes to put together.

Zero To Hero, Day 12: Fermenting, part one

(For a tutorial and recipe for Kim Chi please click the link)   I’ve made my own yogurts and buttermilk for a decade. Last summer I noticed the word “konbuchya” — which has a very different meaning in Japanese — coming up a lot online. The long and short is that I started thinking about fermentation in the home kitchen. I bought a few books, read the personal experiences from many, many bloggers and went shopping on Amazon.co.jp. By November I was ready. I prepared 3 litres of sauerkraut, 5 litres of… Read More