Great website with images and ideas I want to share

I’m doing my morning cruise around the blogosphere and while reading this new blog (with great tips and discussion) I’m redirected to another site with a click. Because I live in Tokyo the approach of how to represent it especially appeals. It’s inspiration and I wanted to share. For his salaryman images. For his Japanese home images/concept.       

Tomato Tart Tatin with goats cheese, fresh herbs and a Bloody Mary Granita

Originally posted on ice cream magazine:
?    The wedding of a widowed osteopath marrying a biochemist. He being a first timer, an amateur ventriloquist, an amputee. Creepy Church, begat an organist, a burly lass with a grimacing face, huge bouffant hair, who wore wall to wall tartan. She entered the Church carrying a large, purple velvet goat, her music case, quite obviously? “Conspicuously absent isn’t he?” “Oh, where’s the Groom.” “There’s a wildly held belief that the Groom should be in attendance” said a loud buffoon. Another hooray heckler boomed “There’s…

Check out my friends amazing cake! Baumkuchen: Multi-layered Tree Cake

Check out my friends amazing cake! Baumkuchen: Multi-layered Tree Cake You need to go on over there to know why I’ll be posting my version later. It’s not that hard, it just takes about an hour in the kitchen. Now shoo. Go. Learn to make something which will blow you away.