Why is it okay to discriminate against women?

We can chose to color our ideas any way we wish.

I teach at an international high school in Japan. This term I’m in charge of an elective on contemporary events as seen through media studies and literary theory. I’ve opened the term by exploring stereotypes. I want to share with you what they’ve been teaching me, starting with the fact that it is natural and good to discriminate against women. A few weeks ago I assigned two readings, one on ultra orthodox Jews who have been refusing to sit next to women on International flights and another on women who are snubbed… Read More

Word Press just reminded me how lazy I am

When I started this blog just over a year ago I created an overview of posts and topics I wanted to cover and scheduled them to automatically publish to motivate me though them. The are/were largely unfinished recipes without photos,and that first batch just automatically published. So I’m at my desk conniving ways to avoid the gym when my phone starts to send me alerts to WordPress. It took me a few minutes to work out what happened — and, in a panic, work out how to undo everything. Well, I’m feeling… Read More

A little drama from comedy

I have been learning exponentially. I can’t explain it, but I’ve hit a new groove which has given me confidence behind the camera.   These photos will not appear on WordPress as they appear to me because WordPress flattens out the color space from the larger ProPhoto I use on my computer to sRGB. It’s heartbreaking because the colors as they should appear are richer and more weighted. So, I invite you to check out my Flicker page to see these, and other, as I intended them to be seen.    … Read More