The reasoning behind the way I’ve written my recipes:

Three tiers: I write my recipes with three tiers of information: Those ingredients you must use, those I suggest, and those which are optional. In laying out the directions, I list all the ingredients with instructions for vegan or vegetarian when appropriate. This is to give the reader an idea of how a recipe works and knowledge of what can be changed, rather than to lay down hard and fast rules for each

 Measurements: Unless there is a specific reason, I often will list a range. This is practical. Onions in India are tiny and have a specific flavour profile distinct from those in France or the US. Wines come in different strengths, flavours, degrees of sweet and dry year to year, region to region. To direct two cups of wine or five onions is misleading. Moreover, you need to taste during the whole process to learn how your ingredients work, that is the only way you will ever improve your cooking. apple

Taste the wine before you add it; eat a sliver of raw onion, then taste it as it cooks; taste the corn oil, olive oil, butter. Your ingredients will be different from mine and different from the chefs you see on TV and the foods used to write the cookbooks we all use. 

coffeeSalt: In my cooking I add salt near the end to allow all the other flavours to develop first. From my point of view salt is the accent, not the main seasoning. By chance, the foods I cook contain much less salt. Another benefit is that I have more flexibility in thickening and thinning a dish. Exceptions are always noted. asparagus

Nutrition: Many blogs feature information on the purported health benefits for a given dish or ingredient. I chose not to. For example, I drink kombucha and keifer for the flavours, not their alleged health benefits; I chose vegan or meat on a given day because I enjoy them. We each chose to eat a particular way for reasons specific to us and I do not wish to preach, but present options.mushroom

Organics and Brands: Unless there is a specific reason to do so, I will not list brands or suggest organic this or grass-fed that. What each of us can chose depends on location and budget. I feel by letting you make those choices opens up my recipes to more people. onion

You need to taste during the whole process to learn how your ingredients work, that is the only way you will ever improve your cooking. 

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  1. Hi just calling by to say a quick hello… and will come and view more later. – cos I like what Ive seen so far….. I’m off out to my studio for creative play – today with textiles. .. and some mixed media. Glad you are enjoying my posts.


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