Hing: A story ending in divorce

pigeon funny story

This is a story about a spice widely used in the near East, a bird, and a divorce. One day many summers ago I was sitting in the courtyard of my neighborhood department store. Frantically going nowhere was a pigeon. People were busying by, which should have made this bird fly the coop, but it stuck close to a tree round and round and round. Curious, I went up to it. It ran away — it couldn’t fly! I reached down to pick it up and saw that something had taken a… Read More

Caniformia captures — sexy beast

Does Right Said Fred’s “I’m Too Sexy” come to mind for you, too?  And look at those nails, freshly manicured with coat of Come Hither black. Oh, you sexy beast! 

Simian capture

On my first date with Hiro he took me to the Osaka Zoo. He had no money, so the zoo was an inexpensive entertainment. Having not been to a zoo since I was in grade school, I was moderately interested — but I never would have gone on my own. Yesterday I decided to go to the Ueno Zoo to take photos. It’s the first time since that date that I’ve been. Going with Hiro we focused on each other. Going with a camera I focused on the animals. Generally speaking, most of… Read More