An American festival in Tokyo

odaiba american festival japan

Odaiba, which I’ve posted on before, held an “American Festival”. I needed to know. If Japan is sushi, samurai, manga in the US, what is America in Japan? Oh, you don’t want to know. I was going to take photos but I knew I’d be taking them to jab and jeer. I will briefly outline the people and venue: Every worker was dressed in denim shirts AND jeans with HUGE cowboy hats. Over that women wore white homestead aprons and/or Aunt Jemima-esq headscarves. The shops were cooking up huge steaks on BBQ’s… Read More

Tones: In the midnight hour

The park with no children beside the dormitory of sleeping students

These were taken in Odaiba around midnight. The only illumination is artificial. The moon was full, but it was hidden. Two and three minute exposures pull out details that are lost in the light, or with the crowds. Think of them as a reminder of the details seemingly hidden in the dark. 😉 If you’re seeing this and it’s August I’m still on holiday and this is pre-written. 🙂 I may not be able to reply to your comments quickly, or come to your blogs soon, but I will.

Summer couples

In the hot summer with broad hats and lose fitting clothing you might find a an older couple in repose. A temple in the distance. A slight rustling in the trees. A small crested bird gliding by. I took this photo on a tripod for 30 seconds with several neutral density filters. I toned down the highlights in the greens and brought up the highlights overall. I’m surprised how much like a painting this looks like. Because the couple wasn’t perfectly still they blur enhancing the painterly effect. I converted it to… Read More