The amazing thing about this series of pics is the ISO. I shot these in very low light under a train track on an overcast day. The ISO 256,000. I usually set my camera between ISO 100 – 400, to give you an idea just how high that is. It’s rare to see monks out to collect alms. I leaned into the shade of a building and watched the people busy by him for several minutes. Everyone has their work. No one has much time for each other. It’s less obvious in… Read More

On divinity

Walking through Asakusa Temple yesterday evening I happened upon an area cut off by shrubbery. A monk was earnestly talking to two drunkards about overindulgence within earshot. Around them various groups of young men, lounging in a awning overhung with wisteria, were in silhouette. Here within site of her children is a statue dedicated to motherhood. Behind her are two large Buddha (the one to the left pictured below). One creates life. The other reminds us how to live it. The statues are adorned with bibs and robes. One reason, I am… Read More

We are raising ourselves out from the mud: Lotus

Your body will tell you if you’ve put something wrong into your mouth. I’ve been working on these lotus photographs for a few days. I’ve been practicing different techniques to mould their mood, hand painting each each detail within each photo. Unlike food there is no primal way to know if they’re, well, palatable. So do let me know what you think . Remember, I’ve only been taking photographs since April. I took these photos at the pond adjacent to the Hachimangu Shrine, in Kamakura. The clouds were just about to burst when… Read More

From an distance and up close

buddhist statue from kamakura

The heart of a temples the image of the deity within. Imagine the journey which brings you to Kamakura. The massive gate when you arrive. You cross the threshold and in the distance is the temple and within in the spirit with which you came to commune.    

Canon and Hotoke-sama, Kamakura

This weekend I went to Kamakura to practice my photography. Here are images from one temple, details of the Buddha (Hotokesama/Sidhartha) and the most famous bodhisattva, Canon. (The Buddha is an individual who achieves nirvana and is no longer part of our world while a bodhisattva is an individual who reached nirvana but choses to stay in this realm to help others follow the Buddhist path.)