Vegetable Curry, a book and recipe

vegetable curry

(recipe follows) Several years ago the love of my life, Hiro, gave me an unexpected birthday present: A curry cookbook written in both Japanese and English. Until then I had never made Indian food — curry had just never occurred to me. He didn’t know me that well at the time but mine is the personality that when I do something, I devote myself to it and so I bought every single ingredient in the index from Asafoetida¬†to Yogurt and went to work page by page, which created some friction in our… Read More

Fiesta Friday — food and cameras

Friday is in the future for most of you, but here, across the International Date Line, Friday is at an end and the party begins shortly. I finished my work day at noon and went out for errands and entertainment in Ginza — today’s agenda involves Nikon and meat: I bought a new camera (Nikon D7100) and I picked up some pork and beef. I’ve been doing a lot of test cooking this month, so friends are crowding around my kotatsu tonight to scrutinize my baumkuchen, popcorn (white) chocolate, baklava, stuffed breasts… Read More