Shinjuku is, to many, the city center of Tokyo, is nearly 100% concrete and pavement save for this large national park which used to be part of the imperial household.          

We are raising ourselves out from the mud: Lotus

Your body will tell you if you’ve put something wrong into your mouth. I’ve been working on these lotus photographs for a few days. I’ve been practicing different techniques to mould their mood, hand painting each each detail within each photo. Unlike food there is no primal way to know if they’re, well, palatable. So do let me know what you think . Remember, I’ve only been taking photographs since April. I took these photos at the pond adjacent to the Hachimangu Shrine, in Kamakura. The clouds were just about to burst when… Read More

In bloom?

  The weather turned a cool 72 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius) with the rain, cold for July. I’ve stayed in all morning with the excuse, or the preference not to get wet. It looks like storm clouds are passing. It’s time to open the front door. Fresh air. Cool day. Perfect for doing something! (Except go to the gym. Why should one go to the gym when the weather is so inviting outside, right?)

A matter of perspective

See the potential around you. Focus on an idea. Bend down. Now shift your weight from foot to foot, crane your neck, squint and shoot, shoot, shoot. Love is all around us. It takes intuition, luck, and sometimes an uncomfortable position to find it.