Beach Is Beautiful — and a favor

Yesterday was the first day of spring and we took a drive down the eastern coast from Kanagawa to Shizuoka stopping along the way, near sunset, to take photos — I love sunsets. (Sunrises happen too early for me.)  😉 In Photoshop I recently learned how to use the custom filter (filter –> other –> custom), working out how to design my own filter to add grain into my images. It’s kinda like cooking: I know there’s a ready-made filter to add grain, but it just feels more satisfying to make your… Read More

Hug your local graphic designer

I’ve been learning InDesign. If every anyone told you Photoshop had a learning curve, InDesign has been more of a sheer wall of rock in the rain. I’m not complaining. By using InDesign I can see just how much of our world is preplanned. Fonts are a great example. How many of you ever stop to notice what font you’re reading, it’s color, placement on a surface, its spacing? Do you want to gleam the forethought that goes into our modern world — InDesign is a great tool to show you. After… Read More