Kraut and Yakitori, a winning combination

sauerkraut and yakitori

After four months of silently bubbling I opened a new jar of Sauerkraut today. Crisp. Fresh. Sweet in the background, sour notes up front. I had a feeling the kraut would be like white wine cleaning the pallet between bites, so I sliced then skewered a chicken breast and put the yakitori in the broiler. I made a quick sauce to baste them just before finishing. I had boiled daikon to go with it (not the best choice, a green salad would have been better).

A week of ten minute recipes

boiled daikon, first step

I’m new to blogging. To get my bearings I’ve been read, read, reading blogs. A constant theme in the food-o-sphere is ‘quick and easy’. Myself, I prefer slow and complicated; but delicious, inexpensive, healthful food is easy to prepare at home and so I’ve decided to do a series of posts in which I make meals in no more than 10 minutes — preparation is required. I spent two hours preparing last Friday and no more than 10 minutes each day throughout the week. (Links to my recipes will follow in the… Read More

Seven Herbs: Seven Days: Nanakusagayu

Seven days after the new year Japanese people eat okayu, a kind of rice porridge, flavoured with seven herbs. The dish is called nanakusagayu, or Seven Herbs Okayu. It’s not delicious. It’s traditional. It’s a way to count the progression of the year — one week has already passed. Like Valentine’s Day, Saint Patrick’s Day, onwards and forewords we travel through the year until we’re back where we started one year further on. Nanakusagayu. It’s that time again. To make okayu you’ll need a ratio of 1:5 rice:water, though some families add… Read More