mung bean pancakes, bindaettok, and skills every cook should know

Lunch in ten minutes Bindaetteok with home made kim-chi.

(The recipe is at the bottom of this post.) As I mentioned in my Quiche Epiphany, I contracted vegetarianism when I was 14. Unchecked, it grew into full blown veganism by 21. International travel cured me: It’s hard to be picky when your abroad — even less so way back when, but I still love vegetarian and vegan foods. My guide when I was 14 was Recipes For A Small Planet. The only foods I had the skill to prepare were bean burgers — for years I ate bean burgers not knowing… Read More

A week of ten minute recipes

boiled daikon, first step

I’m new to blogging. To get my bearings I’ve been read, read, reading blogs. A constant theme in the food-o-sphere is ‘quick and easy’. Myself, I prefer slow and complicated; but delicious, inexpensive, healthful food is easy to prepare at home and so I’ve decided to do a series of posts in which I make meals in no more than 10 minutes — preparation is required. I spent two hours preparing last Friday and no more than 10 minutes each day throughout the week. (Links to my recipes will follow in the… Read More