Happy New Year — I’ve missed you all!

Fist off, I started this blog a year ago today — time flies. I need to apologize for the unintended absence. For my birthday (on October 6th) ANA sent me a special promotion which I used to take an unscheduled, unplanned, always needed two-week vacation. When I came back I had essays up the kazoo to grade and, by chance, there was opening for a promotion. I wanted the promotion. I needed to prepare for the test (the first step in the application process), then for three successive interviews. I made it… Read More

It’s January 11th, it must Kagami Mochi

How are you doing with your new year resolutions? The year is already moving a breakneck speed and here to remind us is kagami mochi. In the old Japanese calendar each variation of the season lasted ten days. According to that old calendar we’ve already finished one season and to mark the transition we eat kagami mochi. Kagami means mirror, but here refers to a celebratory day. Kagami motchi is a cake of rice said to house the spirit of the rice harvest, which traditionally took place around the harvest moon. Where… Read More