Silent protest

Every town has someone like this. In a city of 42 million we have a few. What do you notice first? The thrilling fashion sense? The daring glasses? The perky breasts? It wasn’t until I came home and looked at the images that I noticed the decals. What I quickly dismissed as crazy — and tried really hard not to stare at — is actually a protest calling for the Abe government to not expand the military. How could I have missed such a clear message?

On youth and beauty

One of the great cultural points in Japan is the onsen. The onsen is often translated as “hot spring”, but that is incomplete. The onsen is a place where your parents or grandparents take you as children to bond. It might be just a bath during a road trip, or part of a resort experience but the image you should hold in your mind is of people from two years old to one hundred plus relaxing together in the nude. Think of how your individual perceptions on youth and beauty might differ… Read More

Warmth and passion

Let’s not speak of love, but of warmth and passion; of a crowded city and the young looking for private space to be together. The nights are humid and hot. Pocket parks. The water. And here and there pairs. I was in the Sakuragicho area yesterday evening with camera and tripod to take those long exposures I enjoy. You can’t see it with the unaided eye, but in the distance the red haze from Tokyo ricochets through the clouds casting a heated backdrop for these young couples. Looking back towards Sakuragicho there… Read More

Summer couples

In the hot summer with broad hats and lose fitting clothing you might find a an older couple in repose. A temple in the distance. A slight rustling in the trees. A small crested bird gliding by. I took this photo on a tripod for 30 seconds with several neutral density filters. I toned down the highlights in the greens and brought up the highlights overall. I’m surprised how much like a painting this looks like. Because the couple wasn’t perfectly still they blur enhancing the painterly effect. I converted it to… Read More

Loving Lightroom — Looking for feedback

I could use some suggestions, feedback, guidance. I know I’ve gone overboard with some of these — it’s a new toy — but I’d like to know what you think. My favorite is the black and white of the baby. I brought out the contrast then removed the color info. I used a similar technique with the young man but I put color into his skin tone. The little girl was a fairly, so I distorted the image and played with the color information (I’ll need to learn how to remove selective… Read More

I’m doomed — I’ve downloaded Lightroom — doomed, doomed, doomed

Last week my image editor, ViewNX 2 from Nikon, suddenly stopped working. I went over to Adobe to check out Photoshop and decided I was too smart to pay, so I found clones (like Gimp). Blah. iPhoto wrecked my RAW photos. I’d decided I wasn’t going to pay for software. I downloaded a pirated version of Adobe Creative Suit and, gosh darn it, the hack wouldn’t read my RAW files. By this time I weighed the cost vs frustration and decided the investment would be worth it, so I signed up with… Read More


Never give up! Take on those big challenges. If you’ve the right mind about the task, losing can be fun.

Details: A face in the crowd

  I loved this guy’s style and sense of self. He didn’t love me back. He waved me off with a wag of his finger. Fair enough. I only wish that the photos were sharper, but then again, the more he took note of me, the less of the real him came through, so I’ll think of it as apropos. 

My home, my office, my personal space

I loved this. Parked in lush area of the city an hour before dusk this man is taking a break from work to read the evening edition of the newspaper. Where he puts his shoes tells you his attitude about his work and this time he’s spending.

Eat That Frog! (don’t worry, it’s not a recipe)

I’ve had a great weekend. Toy Show, Festivals, a party, dinner out, dinner in, and movies. Oh, and fresh veggies. I love my farmer’s market! Twice a year I reassess my goals and plan my steps accordingly. I’ve been managing my time for over a decade with David Allen’s GTD (Getting Things Done) techniques and have never missed a deadline, never swung way off plan. I started this blog after writing my goals for the first half of 2014; photography, as you all know, quickly followed. I couldn’t have budgeted for them… Read More

Noise: Faces in the crowd

The pictures are noisy, the camera left at ISO 6400. This is Ueno, Tokyo after-hours. The gallery is set to random, so the juxtapositions are arbitrary. If any photographs stand out to you, let me know in the comments.

Me until you see me

This made me smile. This little girl was enjoying herself until she realized that other people noticed, or at least a tall man with a camera down the road. It’s a little bit of human nature just before sunset.