How to make a rainy day okay

I didn’t want it to rain during my vacation. I didn’t plan for it. I didn’t expect it, but it rained every single day. That first day, in my white linen shorts and black underpants (never again), I knew whether I enjoyed myself was entirely up to me. So when things don’t go the way you plan, the sky seems — or is — gray, do as I did with this series of photos: Lighten the mood; find the beauty; be grateful for what is, not unhappy about what isn’t. There’s nothing… Read More


Hanami takes place all over Japan. Here are scenes from Kudanshita, Tokyo around the moats of the Imperial Palace, the site of the former Edo Castle.

Weekly photo challenge: Monuments

By chance I was in Shinjyuku yesterday, near the government towers and walking throughout the sculpture gardens. I fell in love with this particular piece and thought I’d use the excuse of this photo challenge to post some of the pictures I took. This was a good lesson for me on how color can affect composition. If you want to see them with and without, I put them on my Flicker page. Click to go there.

Beef Burgundy reduced and served in a puff pastry shell with cream fraise

Beef Burgundy reduced and served in a puff pastry shell with cream fraise