And A River Runs Through It

  Okayama city is bisected by the small river you see, a footpath on either side and small bridges every block. Along the paths in either direction are statues. Some are of Greek gods, other abstracts, still others and then more on top of that. Around the city are memorials to artist, athletes, (respected) politicians, businessmen and notable people from the city. The dance done, people went out for supper and this very large metropolis was still for about an hour. The rain had turned to occasional drizzle. The clouds broke —… Read More

An aside — and then I come back

Apologies for the unexpected hiatus. I filter my photos on the computer. To fill the quiet I put DVDs for Arrow on in the background. By episode six I lay down in front of the tele with a plate of snacks and binge watched both seasons. Then another show. And another. Then another. I was avoiding my blog. It took me a while to figure out why. I started blogging to make friends, to talk about food, to give my cooking a new direction and purpose — and you have all been wonderful…. Read More

The Doll Festival

Last week was Hina Matsuri, aka Girl’s Day. The major department stores all had huge displays featuring dolls representing Heian Period court life and freshly cut branches of plum blossoms.  My babies have graduated. I’m never really sad, which is odd because I’m sentimental. I’ve been cooking constantly. Along with the camera I also purchased a Sous Vide. So far I’ve made excellent custards, soups, and steaks with it. I’m using it to candy fruit at the moment.  I’m still not sure what I’m doing with the camera. I’m getting used to… Read More

Lunch: Savory Cauliflower Truffles, Braised Turnips, Greens, and Brown Rice with Mellon Granita for dessert