Sky Tree, another view

Same day as the previous post, but I was shooting to impose a different mood. Tell me what you think, or which of the two you like best. Comments and critique help me learn.

Sky Tree and cheery blossoms

A series of cherry blossoms with the Tokyo Sky Tree. Tell me what you think.

Karma! — and a poll

Have you ever been accosted by a Japanese person with a flash or snap, snap? Armed with my Nikon, I am Karma. This what I kept telling myself winding down the small streets near Yokohama Station. I took 1300 pictures today. I’m trying to get a feel for shutter speed vs f/stop. My goal was to practice composition while flipping through the controls. Today was the first time I went out just to shoot and the second time I shot people. I picked out a couple I liked and did a little… Read More

The Nikon Bong

My camera arrived the other day: Nikon D7100, Nikor 105mm lens, and 50mm lens. I’ve think I’ve found a lighting set up and I’m leaning towards a particular tripod, all geared for microphotography — mine is a personality that doesn’t take baby steps. Friday’s I’m off early. I spent some time with my camera walking around town, getting used to the feel of using it. Way back in the 90’s I had a Canon film camera. I enjoyed it, but I was limited by the ISO. The digital is fast. The lenses… Read More