How often are we ever where we plan to be?

As I write this I expect to be leaving Kyoto, or possibly Shikoku, en route to Kyushyu. I wonder where I’ll actually be. Alone, a couple, or a group? About and out, or in? And how will the weather be? These plants took root far, far, far afield from where their seeds fell. How often are we really where we plan to be and how do we feel once we realize we’re there?

The texture of life

Friday Godzilla opened here in Japan. I went to see the IMAX version yesterday — I loved it. The storytelling and visual effects were superlative. The visual details in the boss fight were stunning. The view of Fuji caused a loud laugh in the theater and protagonists backstory was unnecessarily drawn out, but as a whole it was a lot of fun to watch. I’ve been working on these to understand black and white, which brings out the hidden details in the leaves. Tell me what you think. More importantly, tell me… Read More

In bloom?

  The weather turned a cool 72 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius) with the rain, cold for July.¬†I’ve stayed in all morning with the excuse, or the preference not to get wet. It looks like storm clouds are passing. It’s time to open the front door. Fresh air. Cool day. Perfect for doing¬†something! (Except go to the gym. Why should one go to the gym when the weather is so inviting outside, right?)