Play with your food! — Dosa Your Way

I poured Dosa batter into a waffle iron and set it to high. Ten minutes later -- beep, beep, beep -- and it was on a plate. Coconut chutney is usually served much, much thinner, but I wanted to see how the thicker texture would fill the gaps.

I wanted something different for lunch, but my refrigerator is filled with leftovers. To add variety I changed the approach to something typical by using different tools: I used an American waffle maker to make an Indian dosa (link to recipe) — and it was perfect. Crisp on the outside, it gave way with a loud, satisfying crunch. Inside was the flavour of urad dal. If I had added a thinner coconut chutney, it might have made this particular Dosa soft, muted the urad dal flavour, and required a knife and fork.

Play with your food! — Bindaettok Your Way

Bindaettok made in a waffle iron with kim chi, corn, and mixed greens.

Since I had the waffle iron out I took the last of my Bindaettok (link to recipe), mixed in a few odds and end taking space in the salad crisper and poured the batter into the machine. It steamed like a locomotive and took close to 20 minutes to finish. It was crunchy without having used any oil. The spices in the batter from the kim-chi (link to recipe) were aromatic and it tasted very good, kind of like a chip. However, I was already full from the dosa and could only finish half…. Read More