On youth and beauty

One of the great cultural points in Japan is the onsen. The onsen is often translated as “hot spring”, but that is incomplete. The onsen is a place where your parents or grandparents take you as children to bond. It might be just a bath during a road trip, or part of a resort experience but the image you should hold in your mind is of people from two years old to one hundred plus relaxing together in the nude. Think of how your individual perceptions on youth and beauty might differ… Read More

Details: A face in the crowd

  I loved this guy’s style and sense of self. He didn’t love me back. He waved me off with a wag of his finger. Fair enough. I only wish that the photos were sharper, but then again, the more he took note of me, the less of the real him came through, so I’ll think of it as apropos. 

Noise: Faces in the crowd

The pictures are noisy, the camera left at ISO 6400. This is Ueno, Tokyo after-hours. The gallery is set to random, so the juxtapositions are arbitrary. If any photographs stand out to you, let me know in the comments.