Nagasaki and my first Photoshop

The guardians of the temple: Teachers.

Nagasaki is is one of the two southernmost places in the four islands which make up Japan. It’s blisteringly hot in the summer with unrelenting humidity, unless you went last month. Some of the perks to traveling in the rain are the mild temperature, no sunburn, and perspiration-free. I’ve been to Nagasaki in the summer and I was grateful for the overcast. Nagasaki was rebut after the war. The city is a mix of the remainders of the rushed post-war architecture, historical buildings which survived the bomb, and The New, all laid… Read More

From an distance and up close

buddhist statue from kamakura

The heart of a temples the image of the deity within. Imagine the journey which brings you to Kamakura. The massive gate when you arrive. You cross the threshold and in the distance is the temple and within in the spirit with which you came to commune.    

Canon and Hotoke-sama, Kamakura

This weekend I went to Kamakura to practice my photography. Here are images from one temple, details of the Buddha (Hotokesama/Sidhartha) and the most famous bodhisattva, Canon. (The Buddha is an individual who achieves nirvana and is no longer part of our world while a bodhisattva is an individual who reached nirvana but choses to stay in this realm to help others follow the Buddhist path.)  

Temples are not always quiet

Last weekend my friend and I stepped out from the rain into the main hall of the Kawasaki Daishi Temple. The great hall is partitioned. A quarter of the room, set before the alter, is covered in tatami mats for people to sit and meditate while the remainder is the alter packed full of ritual objects from the Shingonshu branch of Buddhism. To the right of this main alter was a young monk practicing the drum. The hall was too dark for a low ISO, so didn’t think I could use any… Read More