stuffed turkey skin — think outside the box

There is a lot you can do with poultry skin. Here I’m going to talk about turkey skin, but it applies to chicken, duck, Guinea fowl and smaller┬ábirds as well. Using the skin to house your side dishes, especially vegetables and stuffings but also forcemeat. When you debone your bird do one of the following (listed in order of ease): 1) slice the skin down the back and remove with drumsticks and wing tips. 2) slice the skin down the back without drumsticks or wing tips. 3) use a sharp knife and… Read More

One turkey many ways, debone your turkey for steak and . . .

Turkey is underrated because it’s overeaten in too short a time. The long roasting can dry the meat. And left over meat isn’t going to produce the best dishes. The solution for me has been to debone the turkey, create a layer of dark and white meat rolled into a log which I slice into steaks and freeze. The steaks cook in three to five minutes, or can be cut up and used in other recipes. In addition to the steaks, boning the bird gives us: fat for flavouring dishes two wing… Read More