People rest under the trees, enjoying the end of the day until it is late night. The blooms are short. We have to make the most of their moment. Stand apart from the crowd to see which is more permanent and then decide which to celebrate.

Haves and have not

The park was filled with people — packed full. Important┬ábusinessmen sent their subordinates to eke out a private space, lay out blue tarps from daybreak and wait all day so their bosses could have a private party after the rain stopped that night. And while they ate catered meals at tables in the park people walked by envious or wanting and all ignoring the homeless men in the dark corners who ate scraps alone.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Thresholds

Thresholds divide. They separate you from me. We use thresholds to keep our pleasures distinct, or fix our identity. Here in Japan it is hanami season, when the cherry trees bloom everyone gets together in small, or very large, groups under the flowering sakura trees to drink and eat and talk and laugh. I took these photographs in the Aoyama Cemetery. People do come here for hanami, but far fewer. The trees bloom there one week and nestled here and there between the graves are small groups of people drunk with their… Read More