Bloganuary: Strength!

Write about something that makes you feel strong.

Squats and deadlift and pretty easy for me. Chest presses a little less so because my arms are weak, so when I can belt out a full arm day I feel pretty strong — and buff.

Bicep curls are the best and worst for me. There’s a kind of pain/exhaustion that is really uncomfortable but when I push past it, not only do I get the physical response of visible swelling (and a tighter shirt) but the emotional feeling that I ‘did it’.

Henry Cavil, the perfect male.

Generally, I enjoy working out. I mentioned in one of the earlier prompts that I admire Earnestine Shepard and it’s to be healthy and strong in my old age — I plan to live into my 150’s — that I work out, generally four days a week. I try to mix yoga and running in on the days I don’t go to keep my metabolism up and my body flexible.

You can’t have a conversation about strength and not talk about Superman.

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