Bloganuary: Photos

What is your favorite photo you’ve ever taken?

I take too many photos for there to be just one. Unfortunately, the computer with the hard drive with my main library is busted, so I don’t have access to my good stuff. Plus, I still have boxes of photo negatives and slides that I haven’t had digitized.

Living in Japan there is no shortage of opportunity — so much neat stuff — but the photos I like best are just the simple details. There’s a lot there if you just look and think.

The important things are our relationships, the promises we make, and the self-control we cultivate to keep both.
Asakusa Park in Spring.

11 thoughts on “Bloganuary: Photos”

  1. Basing it on your videos, your photography I’m certain is outstanding. And the ones you’ve shared here attest to that fact. Like you, I take a lot of pictures. Too many. Not a chance I can come up with just one or 500. Lovely post! All in the meaningful details.


  2. Nice to see you back here and keeping up with the bloganuary challenge. I’ve enjoyed the comments you’ve written for me.

    Too bad we didn’t get your “good stuff” of your photography. It’s all good, though. I wanted to leave you a greeting since we’re working on the same challenge this month.

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